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Conversation with “MaCeDonIan PhaLanX”

A new conversation began a few days ago between “MaCeDonIan PhaLanX”, a person from Skopje (a small Slavic nation between Albania and Bulgaria which claims the Greek Macedonia territory as their own) and me, a person from Greece. I tried many times to convince a person from his country to explain their beliefs about the Macedonia Issue. “Why do they believe these beliefs since anybody can erase their theories in just a matter of time?“, “Why they don’t want to listen?“, “Why are they avoiding conversation since they are right and we are wrong?” Why, why, why…? Personally I never received an answer or a logical explanation from them. They just follow the same old tricks which usually use this order:

– “We are right, you are wrong”.
– “You are stupid enough for not be able to understand that”
– “I can’t speak with you, so I’m gonna stop this conversation” (and indeed they stop)

Of course from the other hand we must admit that we want the same. We demand from others to believe us because “we want it”, without thinking if the other person truly wants to agree with us. And here is the irony: we want something we can’t give. Therefore, if we truly want an honest conversation we must hear the other FIRST. And since I never received this kind of attitude from ANY of them as I said (and I repeat: ANY of them) I usually ask them without any hesitation to offer their proofs and their evidence.

Now, if I were you, the first thing I’d consider is this little victory of mine: when someone lies, he usually tries to avoid any kind of conversation because he knows the possible negative results. So since I’m asking them first, it means that I have valuable proofs against them. History can never change and no one can play with. So, common logic provides the obvious result: or they are liars or stupid. And I’m not telling this to judge them or insult them. It’s just an obvious truth.

But, no need to say more. Read the comments and tell me: did you find the “We are right, you are wrong” e.t.c attitude I mentioned before, at the conversation below? Judge for yourself.

The conversation began from a YA! question: “Isn’t Macedonia supposed to be part of Greece, I’m confused? Why is Macedonia separate from Greece?“. I copied the answers as comments below.

Note: I organized the posts with a logical order, without the YA! edits.

UPDATE: Even though I did a copy/paste mistake. He insulted me first and then I told him: “And what is your answer? Some insulting irony.”