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A humanitarian tragedy imposed on Greece


A humanitarian tragedy imposed on Greece

As I began to write these notes in the late afternoon on June 19 (Brussels time), EU ministers were still discussing a way out of the ‘Greek crisis’.

To Grexit or not to Grexit, that’s the question.

By the time my remarks are published, things may have changed considerably. Or then again, they may not.

There’s talk of a meeting of heads of states next Monday to tackle the issue ‘on a political level’. As if until now the crisis had not been political.

Before we discuss the options available to the Syriza government lead by Alexis Tsipras, we need to assess what the ‘Greek crisis‘ actually means.

Without ignoring the financial problems that the country is facing, there is a need to acknowledge that what Greece faces is much more than just another economic crisis.

The austerity program imposed on…

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We Are All Greeks! Europe Only Has a Future With the New Silk Road

LaRouche Irish Brigade

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Dear Citizens!

It’s not Greece which has failed, but rather Chancellor Merkel, Finance Minister Schäuble, the EU Commission, the European Central Bank, and the IMF. Why should the Greek government stick with the austerity measures demanded by the EU, which have already reduced the Greek economy by a third, lowered the birth rate, raised the death rate, and increased youth unemployment to 65%? A policy that even the IMF had to admit was completely incompetent, and that the UN expert on debt and human rights condemned as a clear violation of human rights? Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s decision not to capitulate to the “shock and awe” method of the Eurogroup’s Shylocks is not only correct, but offers the chance for all of Europe to break with the insanity of the casino economy, which only serves the interests of the banks and speculators—provided however, that Germany and…

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