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Macedonian soldiers shoot refugees

A comment by the MacedonianAncestry author: This article speaks about PSEUDO-Macedonia, the country above Greece which usurped the original Greek name of Macedonia without Greece’s consent and propagandized it as their their own. Original Macedonia, the one and only one Macedonia, is in Greece and belongs to the Greeks since approx. 750BC when some people from Argos, Greece, created their newly founded city in the what is know today as “Macedonia”. This fake country is a pseudo-country and its real name is Vardarska.
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This video says about itself:

Refugees hit by train: Mostly from Afghanistan and Somalia, killed by train in Macedonia

24 April 2015

Fourteen migrants were killed on Thursday after being hit by a train in Macedonia, as they were walking along the tracks on their way to Western Europe.

The migrants were part of a group of 50, most of them from Somalia and Afghanistan, and were passing through Pcinja district on Thursday night.

Local media reported that the migrants were walking along the train tracks when an international train travelling from the Macedonian town of Gevgelija to Belgrade was also crossing the same area.

The driver attempted to stop the train and sounded its horn when he saw the migrants on the tracks. Most of the group evaded the train but 14 died after being hit.

An increasing number of migrants from the Middle East and Africa…

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