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Europe Invaded: Germany Now Home To Riots Between Kurds And Turks

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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Import people, import their culture – including their old tribal hatreds.

This week in Germany, now being invaded by tens of thousands more illegal migrants from the Middle East:

The war between the Turkish government and Kurdish rebels spilled into the streets of Germany this week, with fierce clashes between thousands of ethnic Kurds and Turks that police struggled to keep apart.

Clashes took place in Frankfurt, Stuttgart and the German capital, Berlin… In the German capital Berlin some 100 Turks affiliated with the Grey Wolves, a Turkish far-right, extremist organization, waved their flags and verbally attacked Kurds on the other side of a police barrier. The Kurds reacted by hurling eggs across the line… In some German cities, clashes between the two sides left dozens wounded…

Tensions across Germany have been high because of events in Turkey and due to thousands of war refugees…

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  1. 14/09/2015 at 7:39 am

    It’s all bi-product from the Ottoman empire – the Turks gave all the power to the Sunni against the others = now they feel superior. Asad has christian ministers in his cabinet and is protecting the minority christians. The Sunni Obama was arming and training ISIS in Jordan, to fight Assad – who’s fault it is?!Western media is not telling the truth!!!


    • 14/09/2015 at 2:43 pm
      Turks were a barbaric tribe from their beginning of their history. Always ready to steal, kidnap, rape and kill. My country suffered for four hundred years (yes, 4 whole centuries) from them as almost half of Europe at the same time. They kidnapped our babies and teach them how to hate and kill their own parents. Their religion is a religion of hate. Their language is primitive. They show no mercy to anyone. They respect no one. The word “civilization” is unknown to them. They only know how to steal from others. Every Christian country suffered from them more or less. Are the perfect puppets for every person who has power in his hands, e.g Obama, since they are stupid enough (brainwashed) to understand the situation. Obama is a %$&^$#@% bastard who did a lot of destruction to the whole world including America. That’s why this world is ready to collapse and that’s why we need another equal force (Russia, China, Australia) to fight against him. It’s an awful thing when the people who have the power in their hands are using this power against others just for their sake. People like these are sick!

      Don’t worry though. If you ask my opinion Turkey soon will be destroyed. See, people who have power (e.g America) like the idea (or should I say “adore”?) that they are the only humans in the world with such greatness! As you know money and interests are the best motive for someone to act and kill. Turkey has almost 80 million people and America almost 300 million people so Turkey is an easy prey for America if America ever decides to get rid of Turkey.

      The questions now are, “America wants to get rid of Turkey?” and “when will this happen?…. Well, as I said, if you want my opinion, Turkey will be gone for once and for all very soon. And it’s only a matter of time. The motive, i.e, the oil, minerals and natural gas which are the almighty gods for the greedy people, will attract them to every possible source. And the countries which have these sources right now are Greece, Syria and Iraq. (And some other of course… but these are just the best ones.) Now you can realize why the propaganda against the “bad Greeks who only have debt”, the “bad Assad who is a terrorist”, the existent of Isis who fight “against the infidels” (which happen to be only Syrians, Kurds and Christian countries), the war against the Kurds who help Syria, etc, exist… All for money and power. And since Erdogan wants “his” oil, minerals and natural gas for his sake as soon as possible, it’s only natural to think that Obama will react against him very soon, since he wants “his” riches for himself too. Believe me when I’m saying that Turkey will be gone. It’s only a matter of time.

      And of course all these will be “justified” since Obama fights “against terrorists” like Bush did 15 years ago after the 9/11 hit. (Which of course was a “terrorist” hit too). The media will be there to support again the “against terrorists” idea, exactly as you said. Don’t you ever expect the Western Media to tell the truth. They never will. Are just puppets to the New World Order who support the ones who pay them the most. Are just wolves in a form of a sheep. Never, ever trust them!

      PS: I don’t know if I’m wrong but I think that you have the “Oh, why? It’s not fair” feeling. If it’s true, then my friendly advice is to ignore and forget it. See, these kind of feelings are for the good people who seek justice and a normal way of life. But these people don’t want justice. They don’t care about justice. They’re sharks who want to eat you. People who want justice in this world will never receive it as long as we have these kind of people as leaders. So protect yourself because no one will ever do it for you. Sorry if I disappoint you.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment.
      Have a nice day


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