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Kissinger: Crush The Islamic State


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Bolt New 01By Andrew Bolt ~

Former US secretary of state Henry Kissinger says it is urgent to crush the Islamic State:

FlagOfIslamicStateOfIraq_2013-09-20-153ccb4dSo long as Islamic State survives and remains in control of a geographically defined territory, it will compound all Middle East tensions. Threatening all sides and projecting its goals beyond the region, it freezes existing positions or tempts outside efforts to achieve imperial jihadist designs. The destruction of Islamic State is more urgent than the overthrow of Assad, who has already lost more than half the area he once controlled. Making sure this territory does not become a permanent terrorist haven must have precedence. The current inconclusive US military effort risks serving as a recruitment vehicle for Islamic State as having stood up to American might.

The US has already acquiesced in a Russian military role… In a choice among strategies, it is preferable for Islamic State-held territory to be…

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