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Sons of Odysseus by Alan Ogden

Σχόλιο MacedonianAncestry: Μέγας Φιλέλληνας ο sir Πάτρικ Λη Φέρμορ – sir Patrick Leigh Fermor δεν σταμάτησε ποτέ να υπερασπίζεται την Ελλάδα, από τότε που την γνώρισε στα χρόνια της κατοχής μέχρι τον θάνατο του το 2011. Συνιστώ να μάθετε περισσότερα γι’ αυτόν αν δεν ξέρετε ήδη

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Layout 1Sons Of Odysseus is a fascinating study of SOE heroes in Greece. Respected SOE expert and author Alan Ogden recounts how SOE missions through their courage, patience and determination, attempted to come to terms with reconciling British political and military objectives in the cauldron of internecine Greek politics.

From the very beginning, ‘political headaches’ abounded as SOE tried to establish a unified Greek resistance movement. For most Missions, it was a steep learning curve, accelerated by the experience of finding themselves in the middle of a bitter civil war during the winter of 1943 – 44, having to endure attacks by Axis occupation forces at the same time as being caught in fighting between EAM-ELAS and EDES guerrillas.

Living behind enemy lines for long periods of time, SOE officers and men were nevertheless able to bring off a series of spectacular sabotage acts and with the assistance of Greek partisan…

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