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The Greek Gods of the Underworld in a votive relief from Nevrokopi

History Of Macedonia


Votive relief from Nevrokopi (3rd cent CE) depicting the underworld gods Hades (Pluto) and Persephone. Now in the Archaeological Museum of Drama in Macedonia, Greece. Photo @ Bilwander

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ΕΛΛΑΔΑ… Ένας ΑΚΗΡΥΧΤΟΣ ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ Μαίνεται… Επιχειρείται ΝΕΑ ΑΛΩΣΗ Εκ των Έσω

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Turkey’s Intelligence Service Supports ISIS in Information and Operation

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Turkish Intelligence Service Supports ISIS in Information and Operation

Syrian intelligence service has recently released documents showing Turkish intelligence service aka “MIT” has hired people in Syria to gather information and provide intelligence and operation support to ISIS.

According “Syria al-Hadath” news agency, newly discovered documents belonging to the Turkish intelligence service in “Gaziantep” province show that a Syrian male national named “Abdullah Hassan Al-Sayed” is the main Turkish interface in the Syrian province of Hasaka. He is responsible for recruiting and forming intelligence and terrorism teams and has so far recruited and organized more than 100 new agent from villages “Baqalah”, “Alsafah”, “Bab al-Hadid”.

According to this report, this group is responsible for transferring wounded ISIS forces to Turkey and also collecting information.

Abdullah Hassan al-Sayed, aka Abu Hussein, 38 years old is married and from the Alsharaby tribe living now in Gaziantep with his family but used to…

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ΑΠΟΚΑΛΥΨΗ… Οι Ηγέτες της Σκοτεινής Κυβέρνησης Αποκαλύπτονται (Βίντεο)

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