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Russia and Syria Expand Cooperation in War Against Terrorism



Russian and Syrian Defense Ministers Expand Cooperation in War Against Terrorism

Russian Defense Minister General Sergei Shoigu and Syrian Defense Minister General Fahd Jasem al-Freij

(By Ziad Fadel, SyrianPerspective) ~ When defense ministers meet face to face in Moscow, you know the subject is critical.   General Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, could have easily called his Syrian counterpart, Lt. General FahdJaasim Al-Furayj, and talked over the telephone or even on secure lines. 

But, this subject demanded the highest level of secrecy in a world in which all conversations are vulnerable to eavesdropping.  SyrPer has learned from one its sources that this meeting was planned to coincide with the Geneva-III conference which, as we believe, will result in no immediate end to the conflict.  In fact, that position is bolstered by Stefan Di Mistura’s own statement that the talks will not conclude for 6 months.

Russia is not willing to simply wait for the exiled Syrian opposition to gather its senses and…

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