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Why Syrians Support President Bashar al Assad



Why Syrians Support President Bashar al Assad

ASSAD-SYRIEIt may be surprising to some that the Syrian people still support Pres. Bashar al Assad.  The western media has gone to great lengths to portray him as an evil dictator. However, Syrian residents are not affected by western media, and have a different view of their leader.

Syrians see Pres. Assad as a reformer.  They have witnessed numerous laws passed for their benefit, and a constant focus on anti-corruption measures.  They witnessed the abolition of the one-party rule, and now over 30 political parties are registered.  They watched him call for a new constitution to be drafted, and it was ratified in 2012.

Syria has millions of civil servants, and they watched as their salaries were repeatedly and routinely increased by order of the President from 2000 until present. Doctors, professors, teachers, and all the millions of civil servants have personally benefited…

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