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Question from yahoo – Are Macedonians Greek?

Another debate began at Yahoo. “Are Macedonians Greek?” James asked. As always I provided an answer. Let’s see.. what will happen? Will anybody provide any evidence or not as always? Yes, I know that yahoo is not suitable for this, that’s why I’m posting this here. So, don’t hesitate to give us your proofs dear Fyromians… “you’re right” and “we are wrong”…. right? What are you waiting for? Yes, I know that some of you are reading my blog. Can’t even one of you provide enough evidence to convince us?

I’m waiting…

I provided some links there:

…But I didn’t have enough space to provide the rest of them. So, here they are.

Again an accusation against a Greek by a Fyromiam liar

Edit// A note.
I forgot that in order for you to see the votes (the ones that I will mention later) you need to login to your yahoo account. I know it’s a burden but please do. I believe every one has a yahoo account, right?

I never considered someone as a “liar” because he said something that is not true. These non-true words of his or hers can simply be an opinion or a mistake or something… Instead I always thought that a liar is someone who says and supports some non-true words and/or theories even if he knows very well the fake nature of them. And I personally hate liars and I hate them even more when he or she does that only or to gain something or just to please his ego.

Let’s take an example. I registered as a Yahoo! Answers (YA) member almost 2,5 years ago. I did it having in mind to offer to the yahoo answers community and be a part of it. And indeed I had no problem with anyone until almost 8-9 months ago when I disagreed with a kid called “Elrond”. Elrond is from Fyrom and I’m from Greece.

Fyrom (also know as “Vardarska” or “Skopia”) is a small Balkan country which uses the Greek “Macedonia” name as it’s own without asking Greece. Even though it’s forbidden by U.N (United Nations) the usage of this name before someone finds a solution, (under the A/RES/47/225 U.N Law… google it), Fyromians use this name illegally for the last 20 years! At the same time they’re expanding the “Macedonia is not Greek” propaganda to convince those who don’t know any Greek history, about “their rights” in a foreign to them land. And they do all these hopping to usurp the Greek territory in order to spoil the benefits

Elrond (also known as: Bevum, Tukhsa, Slavko, Samovilv, Glamdring, Ariel, Pravostoj)
A kid from Fyrom with many names and accounts in yahoo answers who dislikes me and he always tries to convince others about how wrong I am, why all Greeks are wrong, why he is right etc. At first I considered him as a brainwashed kid who tries to protect his country but later I discovered that he was merely a coward who stands against anyone opposes him -no matter the issue- as long as he is Greek. The “coward” word describes his attitude, i.e is not an insult against him. See, when he realized that he couldn’t stand against me in history matters, (you can’t change history as you like… and from the other hand I’m a history geek) he changed his attitude and never spoke to me again. Instead he followed me in EVERY yahoo answer question and ALWAYS vote against my answers no matter if I was wrong or not! And this attitude lasted for almost 9 months! Imagine now, that he has the nerve to accuse me about HIS actions…! Want some examples? Choose a question and see for yourself. And tell me: which one of my answers (elcoun) deserved a negative vote?

How to pronounce these Cypriot/Greek street names?
How long would it take to learn these languages?
How do you pronounce “Elias” in Greek?
Does anyone know a safe site I can go on to go on a tour group with?
Compared to Athens, what did the Spartans put more emphasis on?
Writing Greek with the Roman/Latin Alphabet?
Is this Greek correct?
What are some German Girls Names of German Origin?
Do greek people have phones?
Who is Alexander the Great?

After some months, when he realized that -of course- I will not stop being a yahoo member just for his sake, he began to provide even more negative votes against me with his many accounts. Of course I can’t be sure if all these votes are truly from him, but, can someone give me another answer as to WHY do I have so many of them? Here are some more questions with more than one negative vote… and again tell me: how many of them deserve a negative vote?? And more than one?

Are there different ways to say stop in Greek?
Rosetta Stone Program – How long will it take to learn Greek?
Which Greek translation for agape and eros love is correct?
Translate the word Pattern in Greek?
Is the last name “Rodino” Greek or Italian?
Did Cherokees come from Greece?
Does any one know if there is any Greek speaking/teaching Schools in Stoke-on-Trent,?
First great epic poems in early Greece?
Who was the first woman to appear in ancient theatre as an actress?
Homework help: Greece?

What happened next?
The war between us reached it’s climax just yesterday [May 2013]. Since yesterday I can safely consider him not only a coward (as I said before) but also a liar after what he did. He accused me about various things I never did and without any proofs. To be honest I don’t give a damn about his accusations but I don’t want to drag others into our war. The reason I’m writing this, is because other people who don’t know any Greek history are easy pray for people like Elrond. That’s why I want to expose his lies and that’s why I will analyze below all the lies he used.

To be exact he wrote: “Elcoun” is a guy from Greece who stalk all Macedonian participants since 2010. He revoke, erase and report ALL answers by Macedonian participants just because he does not agree. In few days this account will be erased too.

Questions for you to think – why he is lying:
1) HOW does he know what I did back in 2010 when he is a member SINCE MAY 2013? Doesn’t that mean that he indeed has too many accounts? (Older members of course know each other. But he is a “new member” based on this last account of his. So? How does he know?)
2) How can he prove his accusations? I provided so many links. Did he mentioned EVEN ONE?
3) If he truly knows what I did, then, can we consider that he is STALKING ME?
4) I had no idea that yahoo erased his/some accounts of his. Either way doesn’t that mean that he deserved it? Why am I guilty of that?

5) I never did a report against him or other “Macedonian participants” as he claims. Why? But of course because I have no reason to. WHO wants to erase the answers of his enemy when these answers prove that he is just a brainwashed kid from a fake country which steals some of the most valuable things from you? HE (and the other fake-donian answers from the other people of his country) is the living proof of the Fyromian lies… these are THE proofs and I going to erase them? Am I stupid or something?

6) But… lets say for the sake of the conversation that I really did report “ALL answers of Macedonian participants” as he said. Then:
— a) From 2010 since now 2,5 have passed. If we assume that yahoo has a question about Macedonia once a week, then that means that after 2,5 years, I answered approximately 130 questions. Is it really possible for someone to report 130 questions and yahoo will agree with him 130 times?

— b) Even if are not 130 question but even less, e.g if we cut a 50% of these questions (total 65 questions) or even more if you prefer (lets say 30 questions, or 20 or even 10)… can we STILL believe that yahoo supports me? Why on earth? And for how many times?

— c) Can I really report so many questions when yahoo says that “reporting inaccurately will delete your account”? Who is so stupid to do something that will ban him?

— d) But, lets say that yahoo indeed agreed with me and erased “ALL answers of Macedonian participants” doesn’t that mean that I’M RIGHT according to their rules?

— e) If yahoo erased “ALL the answers from the Macedonian participants”, then HOW on earth their answers are still there as you can see here? (search for “MaCeDonIan PhaLanX”, and/or Makedon777)

I need to do a report on Macedonia?
A result of the Balkan Wars of 1912-13 1) Macedonia seized Serbian territory, 2) Albania annexed by Aust?.
Question about Macedonia vs. Greece?
Why does that country want to be named Macedonia since Macedonia is a geographical part of Greece?
Always a fight between Macedonia and Greece in comments in facebook, YouTube or anywhere on the internet LOL?
Macedonia? Confusion?
How many countries recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name?
Have the Macedonians form the Republic of Macedonia got ANY ancient Macedonian DNA?
Why is fyrom using propaganda?
Is Macedonia in Greece?
In which country today was the capital of ancient Macedonia ?

Anyway… you get the point. I don’t think I have something else to say.. I think you realized that he is just an egoistic person who beliefs that he is the god of the Macedonian universe and all others are wrong. Even though I don’t blame him for his beliefs I truly blame him for not being able to conquer his ego. IF he is right and I’m wrong he can prove it just providing some TRUE evidence. Dear Elrond: Do you think that you are a Macedonian? Then prove it. Not by prevaricated evidence and lies. But with the irrefutable truth which is proven by every scholar, museum and historical fact in the world. Until you do it, MACEDONIA IS GREEK!

PS: Just for you to be sure that Macedonia is indeed a part of Greece you can see with your own eyes only a small portion of a list full of professors and scholars who support Greece. Here is a small list with the names of them. 25 names out of 371 till now May 2013. You can see the full list here. Here you can find the letter they sent to Barack Obama about the issue.

01) June W. Allison, Professor Emerita, Department of Greek and Latin, The Ohio State University (USA)
02) Ronnie Ancona, Professor of Classics, Hunter College and The Graduate Center, CUNY (USA)
03) John P. Anton, Distinguished Professor of Greek Philosophy and Culture University of South Florida (USA)
04) Dr. Norman George Ashton, Senior Honorary Research Fellow, The University of Western Australia (Australia)
05) Harry C. Avery, Professor of Classics, University of Pittsburgh (USA)
06) Dr. Dirk Backendorf. Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur Mainz (Germany)
07) Elizabeth C. Banks, Associate Professor of Classics (ret.), University of Kansas (USA)
08) Alice Bencivenni, Ricercatore di Storia Greca, Università di Bologna (Italy)
09) David L. Berkey, Assistant Professor of History, California State University, Fresno (USA)
10) Luigi Beschi, professore emerito di Archeologia Classica, Università di Firenze (Italy)
11) Josine H. Blok, professor of Ancient History and Classical Civilization, Utrecht University (The Netherlands)
12) Alan Boegehold, Emeritus Professor of Classics, Brown University (USA)
13) Ewen Bowie, Emeritus Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford (UK)
14) Keith Bradley, Eli J. and Helen Shaheen Professor of Classics, Concurrent Professor of History, University of Notre Dame (USA)
15) Stanley M. Burstein, Professor Emeritus, California State University, Los Angeles (USA)
16) Francis Cairns, Professor of Classical Languages, The Florida State University (USA)
17) John McK. Camp II, Agora Excavations and Professor of Archaeology, ASCSA, Athens (Greece)
18) David A. Campbell, Emeritus Professor of Classics. University of Victoria, B.C. (Canada)
19) Paul Cartledge, A.G. Leventis Professor of Greek Culture, University of Cambridge (UK)
20) Paavo Castren, Professor of Classical Philology Emeritus, University of Helsinki (Finland)
21) William Cavanagh, Professor of Aegean Prehistory, University of Nottingham (UK)
22) Paul Christesen, Professor of Ancient Greek History, Dartmouth College (USA)
23) James J. Clauss, Professor of Classics, University of Washington (USA)
24) Ada Cohen, Associate Professor of Art History, Dartmouth College (USA)
25) Randall M. Colaizzi, Lecturer in Classical Studies, University of Massachusetts-Boston (USA)

The decision about who is lying and who is not, is yours.

Is Macedonia Greek or not? Possibly objections from Yahoo! answers users

These days (from 12 Nov and for the next 3 days) a new yahoo! answer is open about Macedonia. You can see the question here: Greeks and Macedonians, should the country Macedonia change the name or leave it as is?

I invited anyone who wants to talk about Macedonia or has any objections about the matter. I’m waiting for any comments (from Greek, F.Y.R.O.M-ian or whatever user)

Update: Who would have thought that just 2 hours later (instead of 3 more days) my answer would be the “Best answer”, chosen by the asker. The question is now closed and no one can answer it, but the offer, to give me any answers here, still stands. I’m waiting whoever wants to join!

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