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Συγνώμη ζήτησε ο διευθυντής ειδήσεων της τηλεόρασης των Σκοπίων για το φιάσκο Σαμαρτζίεφ

Έτοιμος να αναλάβει τις ευθύνες του και να παραιτηθεί από την κρατική τηλεόραση, δήλωσε ο διευθυντής ειδήσεων της MTV Goran Petreski, για τη μετάδοση της κατασκευασμένης είδησης περί δολοφονίας πολίτη σλαβομακεδονικής καταγωγής στη Θεσσαλονίκη. “Έπρεπε να επιβεβαιώσουμε την πληροφορία πριν τη δημοσιεύσουμε, ζητώ συγνώμη για την αναστάτωση και τον πανικό που προκλήθηκε”.

Editor Petrevski assumes responsibility for the news of death of Samardziev

“The editor of the news program on MTV, Goran Petreski apologized Saturday for public service news – that Greek citizen of Slavomacedonian origin died in Thessaloniki, as a result of an attack by members of the ultra-nationalist “Golden Dawn,” the Alpha TV.

If assessed, he said, was prepared to take full responsibility, or to withdraw from the position in which he has stepped recently.

“I accept error, I should not afford to publish information that was based on two or three sources-electronic editions of” Slavomacedonian Nation “and” Slavomacedonian Dawn, “which MTV got confirmed by WMC President Todor Petrov. Needed information had to be verified also by third independent source. On this occasion I apologize to viewers for the confusion and panic that caused … In 21 years of independence this country occurred aircraft accidents and other various tragedies and no responsibility was taken. But if the public believes that it is necessary for the development of democracy and the media, I’m prepared to take full responsibility for the case, “said the editor of the news program on MTV, Goran Petreski.”

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