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The name “Macedonia”, from which derived: Macedon(ios) = Macedonian, Macedon(Greek Μακεδονία > Μακεδον(ίος) – Μακεδών), such as: Magnis, Maketis and other, etymologically derive from the Dorian root «mak-» from which derive the following: makos or in the Ionian dialect “mikos” (= length, long ) and magnus (= big = long, such as macaroni, spaghetti and other), as well as the compound words: Macedonia, makednos … In Odyssey (G’ 106) it is reported as “οία τε φύλλα μακεδνής αιγείρειο”, where the word “μακεδνης = makednis” reveals the adjective “makednos, that is translated into ‘evmikei’, that is to say with ‘makos’ or (in the Ionian dialect) «mikos”, meaning ‘length’ and consequently “Makednos” meaning ‘maketis (evmikeis= tall’, referring to men and Macedonians = ‘evmikeis = tall men, and thus “Macedonia” = the long country.

Specifically, the name “Maked(a)nos” is a compound word, derived from “makos” and “έd(a)nos” or “ed(a)nόs”. The word “makos” or mak(r)os or (in the Ionian dialect) mikos” = length, long (Latin maks > max = Greek megas or magnis); from which derive: big, more, major, magnus, grand, such as macaroni (spaghetti)…

However, different is the word: “makkos” with two ‘kk’ or contemporarily “makos”. The word “edanos” Iliad (N, 172) with the tone in the suffix it means pleasant, “ednon” = sweet, savory, odoriferous and other, from “edos > idy (ηδύς) ” and “idos, idomai” = pleased, satisfied. With this etymology “makednos” means maketis= (long, tall) and edanos (sweet, likeable, beautiful) meaning man. The word “ed(a)nos,” with the tone in the first syllable means either the nation (derivative: “seat, capital”), Dorida, cradle of the Dorians or the gift – the gifts (from ‘edna’, ‘ednaomai’-‘omai’, ‘ednoo’-‘o’ = gifts, I give away), hence “ednoi” – mak-ednoi =Dorians – it is reminded that the Macedonians are of Dorian origin. With this etymology “makednos” = maketis = (long, tall). Dorian (that is, “Dorianstrichaikes) and Macedonia = the great Dorida.

Source: Glorious Macedonia: The Authentic History of the Macedonians – By Adam Krassanakis


(In this letter, Alexander the Great explains who he is and his army’s nationality, and the exact reasons for his military campaign against the Persian King Darius)

“Your ancestors invaded Macedonia and the rest of Greece and committed horrific crimes, pillages and disasters to our people without any provocation or wrong doing from us at all. Now, that I have become king of all Greeks, I have come to Asia in order to avenge your unprovoked crimes and disasters you have committed against us…. In addition, you have helped the Perinthians, who unjustly wronged my father, while Ohus sent his army to Thrace, which was territory in our possession. Furthermore, my father was assassinated by a conspiracy that you organized, as you yourselves have advertised and propagated throughout the world…… I have therefore, undertaken this military campaign against you, because you started the animosity….” (Arrian B 14, 4).

Source: Glorious Macedonia: The Authentic History of the Macedonians – By Adam Krassanakis

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