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Le Point’s FYROM “Does Not Exist” Article Sparks Hysteria in Skopje

The French magazine Le Point published an article earlier this week where the title states that FYROM is “a country that does not exist“. In a very detailed manner, the author Yves Cornu, convincingly manages to expose the pseudostate of Skopje.

The author notes that the people of FYROM had no identity, hence “they steal the history of others“. He used as shining examples the case of the famous ancient Greek, Alexander the Great and Mother Teresa who has Albanian origins.

In his article he slams the megalomaniac project “Skopje 2014″, where he emphasizes the use of the giant bronze statue of Alexander the Great by FYROM. Cornu calls it a “Monument of Balkanic Kitch”.

The article, however, was not received well in FYROM, since they are not accustomed to accept anything different from the state-imposed “history”. FYROM’s media gave much negative publicity to the aforementioned article and a great amount of letters from FYROM and diaspora were sent to the magazine complaining about the article.

Source: history-of-macedonia

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