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Provocative distortion of History in Princeton |

Provocative distortion of History in Princeton



Distortion of history and none-incriminatory attitude of persons in charge for paidomazoma was attempted by academicians Riki Van Boeschoten from the University of Thessaly and Loring Danforth from Bates College, Maine in the frame of a workshop, titled “Refugee Children from the Greek Civil War in Eastern Europe: Displacement, Memory and the Natural Order of Things”. In the workshop, which took place on May 10, 2005, in Princeton University, the aforementioned academicians tried to give a rather “rosy” picture of the most horrid crime of humanity, the “paidomazoma” (child-gathering), importing new vocabulary and the presentation of photographic material.

The two anthropologists, Van Boeschoten and Danforth in their respective papers `From “Janissaries” to “Hooligans”: Refugee Children in Hungary and `We Came Back Like Angels and Found Ourselves in Hell’, even though they characterized paidomazoma as action of “political expediency”, they used terms as “evacuation” while the children that were seized were called “refugees”.

The well-known journalist/author, Mr. Nicholas Gage intervened and clarified the term “evacuate” as “the space is evacuated by individuals who are facing natural disasters, such as storms, floods, fires etc”. Mr. Gage also determined the importance of the word “refugee”, pointing out that “refugee is the individual who faces predicaments in his area and out of his OWN will resorts to other places where help is granted”.

In Nick Gage’s Eleni, Xantho Veneti, answering to the question of a woman partisan: “Comrade Xantho, will you give your children the chance to live their lives without fear?” she gave the answer that every Greek mother would give, even though she knew this answer was her death: “NONE of us will give you our children” (pg 260).

During the introduction of their papers, Van Boeschoten and Danforth, explained that since 1998 they studied one hundred cases of children of paidomazoma (which they constantly referred to as “evacuation”) in Greece, Eastern Europe and Canada. Their papers were accompanied by photographic material, from victims of paidomazoma, now adolescents henceforth. The photographic material however, emanated from Hungary, depicting modern, well dressed, well coiffed, content teenagers, engaging in ballet, music lessons and sports activities.

Dr. Danforth, supplementing the study of his colleague added that when the adolescents were repatriated they were not satisfied with their environment and their families any more. The two scholars used the term “Macedonia” irrespectively when they referred to the FYROM. It has to be pointed out that Dr. Boeschoten teaches in the University of Thessaly and is paid by the Greek state! We are not aware that Greece has recognized the FYROM as “Macedonia”!

One of the photographs depicted a team of “happy” children and right above them there was a questionable banner in which was written in the Greek language a sign that separated the children as ELLINOPOULA AND “MAKEDONOPOULA”! Dr. Floudas also pointed out “this ideal, rosy picture that the scientists presented does not reflect reality”. Mrs. Nina Gatzoulis, Vice-President of the Pan-Macedonian Association, USA who also teaches Modern Greek in the University of New Hampshire, observed that “Hungary might have been one of the more progressive countries during the time that these events were taking place, however Hungary was not the only country that the children were disseminated”.

A legitimate question arises as to why the two academics did not present compatible photographs, and studies of children who were sent to other countries of the iron curtain, such as Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, or Albania. Why this unilateral demonstration of photographs from Hungary? Do the academicians know the case of children that were led to Rumania and for a long time they were on their own, without a guardian? As for their diet in some of these countries, Nick Gage in Eleni writes:

More than thirty years later I had dinner with an Athenian couple, two former children from Lia about the same age as myself, who were taken that summer in the paidomazoma…In the barracks in Albania, they survived mostly on soup made of leeks and on raw dandelion greens, which they scavenged from nearby fields. Their “play” was devising races with their body lice on the barracks floor.

The Pan-Macedonian Association of USA, referring to the customary academic exchange between academicians and audience, points out: “We were particularly astonished that a professor of Greek origin and host of the panel, Dr. Gondicas, denied Mr. Gage to further comment on the issue. Mr. Gage has a plethora of information on the subject, since he personally was involved in the paidomazoma during that time, and he wrote about it in his book Eleni. Mrs. Gatzoulis added: “Indeed representing the Pan-Macedonian Association, I called Dr. Gondicas and I personally asked him to have scholars that have different views than those of Drs. Boeschoten and Danforth, so that a complete picture of the drama would be presented.

Apparently Dr. Gondicas was satisfied in the distortion of history in the frame of a HELLENIC STUDIES PROGRAM in Princeton!! However we wonder how is the Hellenic history and the Greek culture promoted when TRUTH is hushed down in such academic circles by professors of Greek origin?»

Lieutenant General D. Zafiropoulos in his book “Antisymmorikos Agon 1945-49 (pg. 668) inter alias formal protest by various entities world-wide against the paidomazoma, presents what the Voice of America stated on December 29, 1948: The name of Herod will remain in history linked with one of the most appalling crimes in humanity. Herod sinned against God and man, using the child as vehicle to secure his rule. Now after 2,000 years some other fiends used the child as a political weapon”.

Marcus Templar in his introductory unit, Historical background, states: …Baba-Donka’s first son, Nikola, during the Bulgarian occupation of the area, decided to walk from Bitola to a neighboring village to see a friend of his. On his way, he was unlucky to meet some Bulgarian troops who thinking that he was a partisan threw gasoline on him and burned him alive.

Because of the above event, after the communist took over Yugoslavia, the communist authorities bestowed the “honor” to Baba Donka, as a hero’s mother to escort the kidnapped children from Greece to Skopje. Baba Donka went to Kremenica, a town on the borders to Greece where the communist Partisans kept the children, put them on a train and from there, they took the children to Bitola and through Prilep, Titov Veles to Skopje. Many of the children were babies crying, the older ones speaking only Greek made the task of the women-escorts difficult. However, what made my Baba Donka’s life extremely difficult was that a good number of children died of illnesses as dysentery, privation, etc. The children were under partisan control unattended for long time.

Concluding, we can say that perhaps it is time now the TRUE history to be heard, perhaps by TRUE scholars in Princeton. Mr. Nick Gage has challenged these two professors to a debate regarding the issue of paidomazoma in one to one basis.


Source: Provocative distortion of History in Princeton |

Question from yahoo – Are Macedonians Greek?

Another debate began at Yahoo. “Are Macedonians Greek?” James asked. As always I provided an answer. Let’s see.. what will happen? Will anybody provide any evidence or not as always? Yes, I know that yahoo is not suitable for this, that’s why I’m posting this here. So, don’t hesitate to give us your proofs dear Fyromians… “you’re right” and “we are wrong”…. right? What are you waiting for? Yes, I know that some of you are reading my blog. Can’t even one of you provide enough evidence to convince us?

I’m waiting…

I provided some links there:

…But I didn’t have enough space to provide the rest of them. So, here they are.

Shocking Documents For F.Y.R.O.M. About The Real Macedonia – Μέρος Β’

Shocking Documents For F.Y.R.O.M. About The Real Macedonia – Μέρος Α’

Συλλογή υπογραφών για την απόσυρση του Νεοθωμανού «Σουλεϊμάν»




Το θράσος του ραδιοτηλεοπτικού σταθμού Αντένα ξεπερνάει κάθε όριο. Αφού πρώτα εγκαινίασε την πλημμύρα των τουρκικών σήριαλ που επεκτάθηκαν ήδη στο Μέγκα και στον Άλφα, τώρα επιχειρεί ένα ακόμα βήμα: Να παρουσιάσει, με τυμπανοκρουσίες, έναν σφαγέα του ελληνικού και των λοιπών βαλκανικών λαών, τον Σουλεϊμάν, ως ήρωα, στην ελληνική τηλεόραση.

Ο Σουλεϊμάν, ένας από τους απηνέστερους διώκτες του ελληνισμού, κατέλαβε τη Ρόδο, σφαγίασε και εξανδραπόδισε τον λαό της Κέρκυρας, μαζί δε με τον Σελίμ Α΄, τον οποίον διαδέχτηκε, υπήρξε ένας από τους οργανωτές των μεγάλων εκστρατειών του παιδομαζώματος.

Αφού λοιπόν οι Έλληνες εθίστηκαν ήδη στα τουρκικά σήριαλ, ο Αντένα πραγματοποιεί ένα νέο βήμα και προβάλλει έναν από τους βασικούς οργανωτές της λεηλασίας και της υποταγής των βαλκανικών λαών στους Οθωμανούς, ως το πρότυπο για το νεοθωμανικό μέλλον που μας προετοιμάζει η ευτελισμένη ελίτ της χώρας.

Έτσι από τη μία πλευρά εθνομηδενιστές δήθεν διανοούμενοι ασκούν λοβοτομή στα σχολεία και στα πανεπιστήμια, και από την άλλη τα αφεντικά της τηλε-αποβλάκωσης, μας σπρώχνουν ολοένα και βαθύτερα στον χειρότερο ραγιαδισμό. Πρέπει να αντισταθούμε! Όπως έγινε με το άθλιο βιβλίο «ιστορίας» της ΣΤ΄ Δημοτικού, έτσι και τώρα πρέπει να απαιτήσουμε την απόσυρση του σοβινιστικού «Σουλεϊμάν»

Αυτό που συμβαίνει στην Ελλάδα είναι παγκόσμια πρωτοτυπία. Σε καμία άλλη χώρα δεν θα διανοούνταν κανείς να προβάλει μια σειρά που εκθειάζει τον ίδιο του τον κατακτητή. Αν δεν μπορούμε να το διανοηθούμε, ας φανταστούμε τους Παλαιστίνιους να βλέπουν σήριαλ με τη ζωή του Αριέλ Σαρόν ή να παίζεται σειρά με τους έρωτες των ναζί στο Ισραήλ.

Φτάνει πια! Οι Έλληνες έχουν αξιοπρέπεια. Όπως εξεγειρόμαστε όταν μας σέρνει η Τρόικα ως επαίτες στα ευρωπαϊκά σαλόνια, έτσι και αρνούμαστε να προσβάλλει έτσι την ιστορική μας μνήμη και την εθνική μας αξιοπρέπεια ο κύριος Κυριακού και το κανάλι του.

Ζητούμε την άμεση απόσυρση του σωβινιστικού-νεοθωμανικού «Σουλεϊμάν» από τον ΑΝΤ 1
Καλούμε το Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Πολιτισμού, το ΕΣΡ, την Ακαδημία Αθηνών και τα κόμματα τα οποία αιδημόνως σιωπούν να πάρουν αμέσως θέση.
Καλούμε τους Έλληνες πολίτες να αναλάβουμε οι ίδιοι να υπερασπιστούμε την τιμή και την ιστορία του τόπου μας.
Κλείνουμε τις τηλεοράσεις, ανοίγουμε τα μάτια μας.

Κίνηση Πολιτών Άρδην



Όταν πέφτουν στην αντίληψή μας τέτοια προφίλ ή σελίδες σε κοινωνικά δίκτυα, θα τα δημοσιεύουμε, ώστε με χρήση της αναφοράς, να διακόπτεται η λειτουργία τους. Ένα από αυτά τα σκουπιδοπροφίλ είναι το: Δείτε τις αισχρές φωτο, και κάντε αναφορά ώστε διακοπεί η λειτουργία του.


“Μακεδονία” για την Microsoft τα Σκόπια!!!

Ως Μακεδονία αναφέρει τα Σκόπια Ιστοσελίδα της Microsoft.

Mπορεί εδώ και χρόνια να ακούγαμε από την τότε κυβέρνηση για την “επωφελή συμφωνία στρατηγικής συνεργασίας” μεταξύ Microsoft και Ελληνικού Δημοσίου (αλήθεια, επωφελή για ποιόν;) , η οποία είχε υπογραφεί από τον τότε υπουργό Οικονομικών Γ. Αλογοσκούφη, και τον Μπιλ Γκέιτς το 2006, όμως η Microsoft δεν μας τα λέει τελευταία καθόλου καλά.

Στην Ιστοσελίδα της Microsoft εντοπίσαμε τα Σκόπια να αναφέρονται παντού ως “Macedonia”, όπως μπορείτε να δείτε από τις ακόλουθες φωτογραφίες.

Aλλαγή πολιτικής μήπως από την Microsoft πάνω στο συγκεκριμένο ζήτημα ή απλά… λάθος; Θα δείξει σύντομα!

Στέλνουμε ΟΛΟΙ e-mail διαμαρτυρίας μέσω των παρακάτω συνδέσμων για άμεση αλλαγή του ονόματος από την Ιστοσελίδα της Microsoft.;el;1513