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FYROM’s opposition says Gruevski’s regime arrests everyone who opposes its politics after espionage scandal

Gruevski’s regime cannot bear people that can prove the crimes of the prime minister’s family clan according to Opposition spokesman
An espionage scandal rattled FYROM on Monday. In a massive operation that is still in progress, the Ministry of Interior took into custody 17 out of 22 suspects from FYROM’s political and public life.

Suspects are being accused by FYROM’s police of espionage, deceit, criminal association and selling state secrets to foreign secret services.

Even though the foreign secret services has not officially revealed, certain FYROM’s Media speculate that state secrets were sold to Greece.

The Ministry of Interior did not reveal the identity of the suspects but said that they are current and former employees of the security institutions.

The media unofficially reported on Monday that the chief of the cabinet of Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski is among the people detained.

FYROM’s media revealed that the police also arrested a General and a former director of the Money laundering Prevention Directorate. It is assumed that a former official in the Counter-Intelligence Agency has also been arrested.

Opposition party SDSM reacted to this action, accusing FYROM’s Government of arresting everyone who opposes the politics of Gruevski’s government.

FYROM’s opposition harsh reaction raise serious concerns that these people may have been detained for other reasons than the ones promoted by FYROM’s government.

According to Nova Makedonija, Petar Silegov, spokesman for the largest opposition party, at a press conference on Monday stated, “As in fact a few days ago in the center of Skopje, Nikola Gruevski’s party police demonstrated terror and violence this morning again. Gruevski’s regime cannot bear people that can prove the crimes of the prime minister’s family clan.

He added, “Vane Cvetanov, former director of the Agency for the Prevention of Money Laundering, kept accusing Gruevski of protecting people from his immediate surrounding suspected of embezzling staggering amounts of money of the citizens of the country. And logically, Vane Cvetanov is now a state enemy to Nikola Gruevski.  By the way, the arrests had to be done in a way that petrifies so no one would even dare to criticize or oppose “His Highness.” The crumbling regime is obviously tying to administer its final blow. However, Gruevski’s estimate is very wrong. Because nothing can stop the inevitable.



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