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Opposition gathering against corruption of FYROMian government

Opposition gathering against corruption of FYROMian government

Opposition moves from a nearby park in central Skopje (FYROM) towards the offices of ‘Anti-corruption committee’, protesting against corruption, among other means with speech about expensive items purchased by VMRO-DPMNE politicians.

Source: Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM for history-of-Macedonia

Numerically Minor Ethnic Communities In FYROM Voice Their Attitude (19-XII-2012)

Fyrom ethnic communities

Numerically Minor Ethnic Communities In FYROM Voice Their Attitude (19-XII-2012)

Representatives of minor, non-”Macedonian”, non-Albanian communities in FYROM voice their concern over their marginalization by the state, contrary to FYROM’s Constitution.

Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM
Source: history-of-macedonia

Samaras hails EU’s FYROM decision

European leaders turn down request for talks date as Nimetz set for Athens visit

Matthew Nimetz

Reaching an agreement on a name dispute with Athens is key to opening the way for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) to join the European Union, Greece’s prime minister stated Friday as reports said a United Nations mediator is expected in the Greek capital with a fresh plan next month.

Speaking after a two-day summit in Brussels, Prime Minister Antonis Samaras hailed a decision by EU leaders to reject Skopje’s request to be given a date for the start of membership talks with the bloc.

“There has been a very positive development,” Samaras said. “For the first time, the European Council unanimously decided that the settling of the name issue with Skopje is a prerequisite for accession talks to take place.

“The message to Skopje is clear: They have to take real steps to settle this difference. There are two keys to open the door. They hold one and Europe holds the other.”

Speaking in Brussels, FYROM Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski voiced his “disappointment” about the decision and blamed Greece for allegedly blocking the Balkan statelet’s EU path. “This is not what our country deserves,” he said.

Meanwhile, reports Friday said the UN’s special mediator in the name row, Matthew Nimetz, will visit Athens in the second week of January to negotiate a fresh proposal. According to sources, the proposed name is not expected to be very different from the one Nimetz put forward in July 2009, which was “Republic of North Macedonia.”

Source: Newspaper “Kathimerini”

Ljubčo Georgievski’s Irredentist and Expansionist Pseudomacedonian Speech, 1990

ljubco georgievski Ljubčo Georgievskis Irredentist and Expansionist Pseudomacedonian Speech, 1990Ljubčo Georgievski’s Irredentist and Expansionist Pseudomacedonian Speech, 1990

Vladislav Perunović, Reporter from Skopje, FYROM

Source: history-of-Macedonia

Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

Today, Sunday 28th of October, centenary of the Kumanovo battle, the event that ended in decisive Serbian victory over Ottoman Army was held on traditional place of gathering of Serbs, from FYROM and other Balkan countries.

The main celebration took part on hilltop of Zebrnjak, east of town of Kumanovo, where in vicinity of Zebrnjak crypt, grossly demolished by Bulgarian army in 1943, podium was erected on which main speakers were President of Republic of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić, Prime Minister of Serbia, Ivica Dačić and President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

The event, which passed without incident was visited by 4-5.000 Serbs, with around 70 to 80% of them being from FYROM. Kumanovo battle in 1912 was a decisive victory of Serbian army which was a precondition to liberation of Serbs and other Christians in Povardarje region from Ottoman yoke. In the battle, back-up was provided by local Chetniks (“squad-men”). Together with Greek and Bulgarian victories, this event marks end of Turkish domination of the Balkans.


image001508 Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

image001535 Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

image001553 Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

image001521 Centenary of the Kumanovo battle by the Serbs of FYROM and other Balkan countries

Vladislav Perunović, correspondent from Skopje, FYROM

Source: history-of-macedonia

A Country Called Loony Bin

Upon the 100th Anniversary of the Liberation of Macedonia from the Ottomans, a certain disturbed individual from the area of Florina, Macedonia, Greece imagined that his cousin from the same region was beaten up to death by members of the Golden Dawn. Although nobody in Greece knew anything about the alleged “incident,” including the FYROM’s Liaison Office, the FYROM Press widely publicized the alleged savagery competing on who would dramatize the condition of Mr. Samartzis (whose name changed to Samardjiev to suit Skopje’s allegations about a “Macedonian” minority in Greece) developed to the point of his imaginary death. Even the FYROM government spokesperson in a serious demeanor demanded explanations and action from the Greek government, contributing to the FYROM Press frenzy.

Mr. Todor Petrov, President for Life of the World “Macedonian” Congress stated that the FYROM should go to war against Greece! The man who suffers from ethnic identity crisis – he enjoys being photographed before the Bulgarian Lion and the Greek Sun of Vergina on a red background – imagines himself as Napoleon the Lesser. Does he think the alleged victim is Archduke Ferdinand?

They have been raised as communists to act as agitators for their cause, as imaginary that is, led by a sorry historian who reminds the world of Goebbels and directs the national ethnocentrism turning the citizens of the FYROM into a nation of bi-dimensional cartoon characters lacking depth.

FYROM’s behavior hides insecurity and inadequacy of their Slavic domain in which aggressive behavior is the only way out. They need to feel that their country is the center of the universe and because of it, God has created them before He created the human race. Simultaneously, they need enemies in order to coil behind a demagoguing and self-serving political elite. In the absence of such enemies, they create imaginary ones, even if these are products of hallucination of obviously mentally disturbed individuals.

In the past, in their effort to prevail and attract attention, the Skopjans have sought, unfortunately for them, losers as proxies and projected themselves as a nation of wretched victims. Instead of educating their people to be proud for what they are, i.e. Slavs – per Misirkov – the FYROM political elite prefer the trickery of their ancestral god Veles or Volos to the point that the world sees them as clowns. The government of Skopje has ridiculed the same people it spends money to educate as being the salt of the earth, inducing laughter, and coulrophobia. –

EU’s Štefan Fule’s behavior was disappointing. He unquestionably sided with those whose ideology is identical to the butchers’ of the Lidice Massacre. The so-called “Macedonian” Prayer, along with the transformation of Skopje into a Luna Park should have been his red flag. If Mr. Fulle wants to be taken seriously perhaps he should consider leaving the loony bin called Skopje. Mr. Fulle should know better.

To those who consider my thoughts as an exaggeration, I am offering a prayer that was published in the bi-annual publication Svoboda ili Smŭrt” [Liberty or Death], a pro-Bulgarian instrument of the VMRO and the Patriotic “Macedonian” Organization from Fort Wayne, Indiana. This specific issue is dated July-December 1978. The prayer’s author was a certain Boris H. P. I am offering the text unedited and as published.

Oh Lord! From the time man was created, God said, “We should be called Macedonians, and the land – the state in which we live in Macedonia. Your wish and order was, that we should always be first, in our human maturity, and that Lord, from beginning until now we did not realize how much of Macedonian blood will be shed in Macedonia and the world from yours and our enemies.

Oh Lord! Everyone prevented and destroyed us from doing these things. Some tried to persuade us to be Greek, others as Bulgarian or Serbian and finally Russia (S. S. S. R) and Yugoslavians tried to persuade us as Slavs. Now Lord, what is Your last word and Command?

“My last word and command for all states and nationalities in the world is to give everything to their Macedonian brothers to be Macedonian, united and free, and should never exist anymore as a land of tears nor as a grave without a cross, should anymore of My blood be shed. If this is not fulfilled, My command is for the world to be recreated into land on tears and sighs, and graves-freedom to Macedonians and Macedonia or death to the world.” From all secret Macedonians and God’s powers.

I hope Mr. Fulle reads this.

Source: history-of-Macedonia

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